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When Will Leafensong: First Telling be Published?

I Know, I Know, It’s Coming!

My beta readers are asking me when Book One—Leafensong: First Telling—will be done, and I’m still saying, “We’re almost there!” These are the good people who read the initial first half of Book One two years ago, giving me their opinions and suggestions to make the book better. Each reader was encouraging and positive, all saying “Yes, finish this!” And asking what happens next.

To my beta readers, and to those who’ve signed up on my email lists, I’m sorry this is taking so long, but re-writing, editing, choosing final drawings, drawing additional images, formatting (with illustrations–who knew that would be so hard?!) takes time. As does ensuring that Book One is a satisfyingly complete book by itself, while also leading the reader to the next book in the story. I am a full-time attorney by trade, and Jenea, my chief editor and publishing manager in this venture, can only work on this part-time. But again I say, we’re getting close!

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Most of the drawings on the website do not appear in the first book but in the succeeding volumes of the series. So to give you a taste of what’s to come, visually, I thought I’d show you some of the drawings that will appear in First Telling.  These are not downloadable–we’ll wait a bit before we offer more of those. But, soon we’ll have artwork for sale in different forms: posters, prints and t-shirts.  We’re also close in finalizing the cover for Book Two and will show you that after Book One is launched.

For now, here are some of the illustrations from Leafensong: First Telling. Enjoy, and share with those you think may be interested.

Burned Sycamore
Honey Locust
Yunkin, Lieutenant of the Guard

To see more illustrations, or for a downloadable print, go to my artwork page, here.

And to get the first two chapters of my book for free, click here.

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