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Welcome to the blog of leafensong.com, J.R. Hooge’s place to wax poetic, or ramble and rant (no, no rants, I promise) about all things pertinent to Leafensong. What exactly is pertinent, related, information to a fantasy book about squirrels, you might ask? As the author and illustrator I can answer that: whatever I want. 🙂

I pledge to try to keep my wandering mind in check, but I’m bound to digress. A little. Ok, a lot.

My mind is an adventure land and you never know what might escape its confines. We shall see. But if you like fantasy novels, nature, woodworking, pen and ink drawing or Jayhawk basketball you will find a like-minded community within these virtual walls. So glad you could join me. 


Speaking of woodworking, to see a post on how I built a cedar strip canoe, click here.

To see some of the drawings found in Leafensong: First Telling and get a free download of one of the images, click here.



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