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Two Big Announcements

Ok guys, two Leafensong announcements: 

Announcement 1

First, the big one…Leafensong: First Telling WILL BE OUT THIS MONTH!!

You read that correctly. After many months of editing, re-editing, formatting, proofreading, and re-formatting (those illustrations sure did make that tricky), the book is ready to go! 

In fact, August 30th will be Leafensong: First Telling‘s official publish date, both for the ebook and the printed version. Which leads me to my second announcement…

Announcement 2

On Friday, August 30th I’ll be showing artwork at a Final Fridays event in downtown Lawrence, KS! https://unmistakablylawrence.com/explore/play/unmistakable-events/final-fridays/?cat=19

Leafensong Final Fridays Announcement

Great American Bank
888 New Hampshire Street
Lawrence, KS 66044

This will be the first time I’ve shown my work in over 30 years (yikes! and yay!). I’ll be showing illustrations from the Leafensong series, enlarged and framed, and for sale for those interested. 

Come to the Event = Get Your Own Copy

Leafensong Book Cover

To get your very own, autographed copy, come down to the show. The first twenty-five people will get a free copy!

Artwork, Enlarged and In-Person

Seeing the Leafensong artwork in larger form than a 6×9 inch book allows for a better view of the pen work and I’m thrilled to be able to show you. In the exhibit I’ll have drawings of some of the characters: Boggs, Karmer, Kooper, even some armed pack rats; but mainly the drawings are of trees…of course. 

Nice Drawings Deserve Nice Materials

These are giclee prints using archival ink on archival paper, nicely matted and framed. This presentation really makes the drawings pop. The art will stay up for the month of September.

I hope you can make it to the Final Fridays event! I look forward to meeting those of you I don’t yet know, and I’m happy to talk about all things Leafensong to anyone who’ll listen. 🙂 

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on how to get a hold of the book, ebook, or artwork online, in case you can’t make the show. 

But you should come. 

It’s gonna be fun!

To get a free digital print of one of the illustrations from Leafensong, click here.

To read about my drawing process, from pencil to finished product, click here.


  1. LyNell Franssen says:

    How wonderfully exciting, John!
    I’d love to see it but it’d be a bit of a hike for me to come to your showing. 🥴
    What would the tariff be to get a signed copy shipped to California?
    Very best wishes for much success to you.

  2. adra burks says:

    John – Where are you going to be on Final Friday. I must have overlooked it, but I keep looking. Yes – I plan to be there

    1. papahooge says:

      Adra, it’s in the web link above but that is not enough! I’ve added it to the post itself. Thanks for pointing that out! Look forward to seeing you.

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