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The Perfect Holiday Gift

In case you’re still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your loved one, I have a suggestion: my book.

Here’s who this book would be a good gift for:

1. Kids
2. Adults
3. People who like fantasy novels
4. People who don’t care for fantasy but like a well-told story
5. People who love good character development
6. People who like learning about trees
7. My friends
8. Naturalists
9. People from Kansas
10. People from other states and countries
11. People who like pen and ink drawings
12. People who like squirrels
13. Everyone else

So grab a paperback for that special someone this holiday. If you order soon you’ll get it in time for Christmas with Amazon Prime.

Or join my mailing list for a free downloadable art print you can give them while they wait expectantly for the book to arrive! Just scroll down until you see the Free Artwork Here button!

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