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Saving Old Survivor

A Tree I Didn’t Even Know I Loved

When I first watched the video of the Old Survivor, a coastal redwood in Oakland, California, I thought of the Dark One, a giant tree in Leafensong, First Telling. My drawing of the tree in the book is not of this actual tree but of a giant beast of my own imagination.

It’s a simple drawing, which often happens when I draw something I’m not looking at in person or in a photo.  I will have more drawings of this important tree/character in the later books in the series.

Old Survivor, Majestic Redwood

I may well use the Old Survivor as a model. It’s a majestic tree, craggy and showing it’s age of over 460 years, standing tall among the younger redwoods surrounding it.

Hard to believe coastal redwoods can reach 2000 years of age and 350 feet in height. They truly are miracles.

Save the Redwoods League

The Save the Redwoods League, which produced this video, continues to save redwoods and future redwoods by buying private tracts and then donating them to national or state parks and monuments.

Sometimes the League pays for easements that restrict logging to ensure that redwoods on private property will be here for our children and grandchildren. The newly safeguarded tracts often link already protected tracts, extending corridors for wildlife and increasing access for lovers of redwoods.

I hope to see Old Survivor in person someday.

Here’s the video. Hope you enjoy!

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