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Leafensong In the News

So this was a while ago (because 2020 was not-so-good, to say the least, yet still-too-busy), but Leafensong was in the news this fall and I’m finally getting around to letting you know!

In an article by the Lawrence Journal World about the Prairie Hills Gallery‘s struggle to sell art in a pandemic, I had a cameo.

I was highlighted as one of the gallery’s artists. My work was shown, and a small spotlight was shown on Leafensong: First Telling since my art in the store is mostly from my book.

You can read the article HERE.

If you’re ever in Lawrence, please stop by the gallery and see some excellent work from around the area.

As an antidote to this crazy time, when what’s in the news is often a downer, a little art-viewing (or art-buying, if you want to view every day from the comfort of your home or office) can add some sanity. Some escape. A reminder of what’s beautiful in the world.

Here’s looking forward to spring, when artists might be out front again, letting passers-by observe them in action, as in this photo from the article.

Artitst Painting Outside Prairie Hills Gallery in Lawrence, KS from the Lawrence Journal World

Happy 2021, everyone!

To see a video of me signing the art prints others have ordered in the past, CLICK HERE.

To read about why I decided to sell my originals in this very gallery, CLICK HERE.

To see the step-by-step process I use to create a drawing, CLICK HERE.

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