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Something to Keep you Occupied

Have you guys seen this?

People are finding all sorts of ways to keep themselves occupied during these long days at home.

And this guy found the perfect way to entertain himself, while also helping out his neighbors 🙂 He built tiny picnic tables for his bushy-tailed friends. His twitter post went viral, and people all over the U.S. are doing the same.

Ebook Sale

In case you’re not interested in woodworking but still want to be entertained, look no further than your resident rodent fan and my fantasy novel about those bushy-tailed mammals outside your windows.

While all the world is hunkering down to stave off Covid-19, I’m having a 75% off ebook sale. It’s .99 cents everywhere it’s sold, except Amazon, until further notice!

Take your pick from many options: Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Google Books and more.

(On Amazon it is on sale for $2.99, off of $3.99 – sorry, that’s as low as they’ll let me go with the file size. All those illustrations add up!)

More of a Paperback Person

And if you’re just not an ebook person, the paperback is available from The Raven Bookstore here in Lawrence, KS with $1 shipping all over the U.S. during the pandemic!

The paperback is also available at Amazon, currently at 10% off.

So many options, so little time.

Just kidding. There’s all sorts of time.

And in case you’d like your very own squirrel picnic table but don’t want to actually make it, the guy who’s video went viral can do it for you.

Happy reading, friends! Hope you’re staying well and finding fun ways to spend your time.


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