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Book Unboxing/Checking-In

Change of Plans (Understatement of the Century)

Remember the good old days, two weeks ago, when we could all go get a burger or some bananas without worrying we might die as a result? Ahhh, I remember it like it was yesterday.

A.C.19 (After COVID-19)

The onslaught of the coronavirus left my plans for a post-a-week in March, about my favorite books (remember that?) in the same position as all my other plans: evaporated into a fine mist, not to be confused with aerosolized virus particles.

However, here’s something fun that happened during Quarantime, as my granddaughters call it: Nick Stephenson, the guru of self-publishing that helped me so much in my journey to publishing my own novel, made a video about opening my branded book box! I was so thrilled to see my very own novel in his youtube video.

Here’s the video. (Book unboxing starts at 2:04)

Pretty cool.

Who’s Nick Stephenson?

In case you’ve thought of self-publishing, yourself, I highly recommend his program Your First 10K Readers. From how to choose keywords on Amazon, to how to set up automated emails, to what to look for in a book cover design, he’s the best source of information I found.

And his Authorcats website software makes creating author websites SO MUCH EASIER. This site was made with it.

So, despite the worldwide slowdown and the fact that I STILL can’t find toilet paper anywhere, this video brightened my day. My week. My whole Quarantime, actually.


I’ll get back to the book lists soon (the next list being books about trees. Get excited.) But I wanted to check in. And say all is well on my end.

I’m still working in my law practice, just me and one or two others in the office, with my other staff and my clients connecting virtually. I’m doing my best to help flatten the curve, and to keep myself and my wife healthy, as we are at risk ourselves.

It’s a strange time, and I hope you all, wherever you are in the world, are finding some joy in the midst of staying closer to home, or at home altogether.

To help with that endeavor, in case you have grandkids, kids, or are just a kid at heart, here’s a link to what my grandchildren have been doing while they’re stuck at home. Mo Willems, children’s book author, is leading a doodle session each day, and it’s fabulous.

Watch for my next book list, coming soon. And stay safe, everyone!

We’ll get through this.

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