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A Walk in the Woods

An Article and a Video!

The Lawrence Public Library just posted an article about my book on their website! And I made a video to go with it. Thought I’d share them with you.

First, The Article

Dan Coleman, a librarian at LPL and I went on a walk in the woods last month. We talked trees, and books, and the fact that my granddaughter and his son go to the same school (small towns are great).

We had a great time, our dogs enjoying the dog park, and us enjoying the early morning cool before the hot, humid afternoon of a summer day.

The article can be found HERE. I so appreciate Dan’s book review and the article as a whole!

Here’s an excerpt…

“Well-developed characters abound, and Hooge’s world-building steeps readers in the culture of the squirrels, who sing as a primary form of self-expression. His own numerous pen and ink illustrations of trees and their occupants provide atmospheric visuals.”

Now for the video

To accompany this interview, my daughter videoed a walk we took together at the same dog park Dan and I visited, with me pointing out the very trees that inspired my book (as mentioned in the article).

Have a look…

Let me know what you think, and feel free to share the video and the article!

Book 2 – The Edits Are Happening!

I’m working hard on Book 2, making more edits, changing things both big and small to make it the best it can be! Looking forward to sharing a sneak peek of it soon. Can’t wait for it to join the ranks of Book 1 and be on Amazon as soon as it’s finished.

I’ll keep you posted! Stay safe, all!

To see a step-by-step drawing of a tree I made on one of my own walks, click here.

To read a great book about trees for children, click here.

To read another article about my book, this time on KCUR’s website, click here.

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