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Welcome to the Forest

In a post-apocalyptic world, a highly evolved tribe of banded squirrels has lived peacefully for years, without knowledge of the past. Until now.

Struck by lightning at birth and left with strange markings on their fur, orphans Kooper and his blind brother, Boggs, are seen as evil, or Ebyn. But Beka, the Healer, is on their side. With his ability to Sense the thoughts of others, Boggs is called by unknown voices to venture into the forest alone. Meanwhile, as the squirrels’ long-held enemies, the pack rats, close in on Leafensong’s borders the tribe readies for action.

Secrets abound and the Dark One lurks in the distance. Will Boggs leave the safety of his home and embark on an impossible journey? Can the squirrels solve the mysteries of the forest in time, or will Leafensong fall, and the tribe along with it?

"Amazing story of courage, adventure, and loyalty accompanied with stunning illustrations that bring the characters to life. Within these pages, you'll find yourself engulfed with emotion as the story keeps you from putting the book down and yearning for more. This novel is akin to Tolkien's adventures of Middle Earth and the rabbits of Watership Down. Absolutely incredible!"

Vincent, Amazon Reviews

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"I so quickly got into this book! I forgot I was reading about squirrels until there was mention of a fore-paw or tail. It is a wonderful tale that allows you to spend time in a beautiful forest full of deep characters.....and maybe a secret or two....
The drawings are a lovely bonus as well!"

Brian S, Amazon Review

J.R. Hooge’s Original Artwork From Leafensong